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This high intensity LED UV torch is supplied with a unique one-operator spraying kit, enabling the operator to utilize a magnetic yoke and hold the fluorescent spray can with the integrated UV light.


High intensity LED UV lamp (up to 8,000 µW/cm ² to 38 cm away), covers an area of over 15 cm in diameter. 

Powered by Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries. (Each battery has 3 hours working life), and is certified for wavelength 365 nm. This is a great tool for the one-man magnetic-particle testing sector. The torch is lightweight and has instant-on operation.


  • generation 1 LED high-efficiency UV 365 nm (+5) certificate.
  • Up to 30,000 hours of LED life span: Save on change of light bulb!
  • UV LEDs produces a visible light very low (< 10 lx).
  • Instant-on, the LED reaches immediately the maximum power.
  • Very light weight: 160 grams; Dimensions: length 11 cm – 2.8 cm diameter.
  • Low power consumption (< 2W).
  • Without mercury and lead.
  • IP54 protection against dust and splashing water.
  • Meets the standards: ISO, ASTM, ASME, AMS for liquid penetrant testing and magnetic fluorescent powders.
  • Sure: power through “AAA” rechargeable batteries # 3. 2 sets of batteries and charger included!

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