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The Nightsearcher is a high powered rechargeable UV torch for NDT inspection.  The UV 365 Blacklight Torch offers a light, compact, long life, high durability solution to UV inspection techniques.  The 5W LED light emits an impressive ultra-violet beam covering up to 35 M without dark spots or rings.  The rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery life is approximately four hours per battery, enabling long inspection periods. The torch is manufactured with a durable aluminium casing, and is water and shock resistant. The flashlight can also operate on non-rechargeable CR123A batteries. The product includes flashlight, 2 x rechargeable batteries, mains and vehicle charger.


  • Single 365 nm LED (Peak Wavelength) LED.
  • Construction: Aluminium casing, hard anodized finish extreme corrosion and wear-resistance 0-ring sealed.
  • Recessed tail cap switching mechanism: is designed to prevent unintentional activation of the torch.
  • Weatherproof and lightweight.
  • The initial charging of the battery takes 12 hrs.  After this recharging takes approximately 2 hrs.
  • On /off switch momentary (instant start up).
  • UV source 1 UV LED 5 Watt.
  • Length: 153 mm, diameter 40 mm.
  • Weight: 185 grams including batteries.

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