Coating Thickness Gauge: 3 Specific Features You Need to Look For

A coating thickness gauge (or a tool that measures coating thickness) is important for many applications in different industries. One major application is non-destructive measurement of coating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous metallic substrates.

Because of its importance in different industries, it’s critical that the right tools are utilised for each job. Here are the specific features you should look for when selecting a coating thickness gauge:

1. Graphical menu control and display:

This is important in accurately controlling the settings and reading the results. The display should be always clear to minimise human errors in the readings. This is critical especially because the testing environments are often far from ideal (e.g. low visibility).

The readings should also be large and legible. The LCD display should be bright enough that it can be read even in direct sunlight.

2. High impact housing and strong cover:

The testing environments (especially in harsh industrial settings) are far from ideal. That’s why it’s good to choose a coating thickness gauge with high impact housing and durable cover.

3. Sensors’ immunity to electromagnetic interference:

Electromagnetic interference usually disrupts the sensors’ ability to make accurate assessments. That’s why the sensors should have a feature that can fight such kinds of interference.

For instance, the sensors being used in the Elektrophysik Minitest 700 Series Coating Thickness Gauges have a high immunity to electromagnetic interference. In addition, they have above average precision and accuracy.

Paint thickness gauge for sensitive applications:

Accurately determining coating thickness is crucial in many applications in different industries. That’s why at NDT Equipment Sales, we provide highly accurate and precise gauges.

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