Elektrophysik MiniTest 700 Series Coating Thickness Gauge

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The MiniTest 700 Series of coating thickness gauges rank amongst the most accurate and versatile coating thickness measuring devices on the market. The highlights of this family of devices are:

  • Sensor integrated digital signal processing (SIDSP) of measurement values.
  • All sensors can be connected without cables to the MiniTest 745 device.
  • Wear resistant sensors.
  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces.
  • Graphical menu control.
  • Instructions in 20 languages.

The device is available in 3 versions:

  • MiniTest 725: Measuring device with integrated sensor.
  • MiniTest 735: Sensor connected by cable to the measuring device.
  • MiniTest 745: The sensor can be optionally plugged into the device (equivalent of an integrated sensor), connected by cable to the device, or connected wireless via Bluetooth to the device.

The MiniTest 700 series devices facilitate non-destructive coating measurement on ferromagnetic substrates (steel) and on non-magnetic conductive substrates (aluminium, copper, austenitic stainless steel).


The SIDSP sensors that are used with the 700 series devices are an outcome of decades of experience in developing special sensors and the use of state of the art technology. SIDSP stands for “Sensor Integrated Digital Signal Processing”, meaning that a special micro processor (DSP) collects, filters and processes measurement values in the sensor head. This allows for:

  • Above average precision and repeat accuracy.
  • Temperature compensation across the entire range.
  • Wear-protected, polished sensor poles.
  • High immunity to electromagnetic (EMC) interference.
  • Internal characteristic curve with up to 50 data points.
  • Automatic compensation of the conductive value in the case of non-ferrous metals.
  • Versatile sensors for varied measuring jobs.

Fields of Applications:

On account of the compact design and multi-functionality of the connectable sensors the device can be used for the most varied measuring jobs:

  • Measurements to be taken on small parts, on thin metal bars or grooves call for our miniature sensors with the world’s tiniest measuring tip of 2.5 mm / 0.1″.
  • We offer special sensors for auto body measurements with reduced sensitivity to factors relating to the geometry of the component and/or the thickness of the auto body sheet.
  • In aircraft construction, there are different alloys used based on aluminum or titanium – Elektrophysik’s coating thickness gauge automatically compensates for the different conductivity characteristics and can measure without re-calibration on various non-ferrous substrates.
  • There are special tube sensors to measure grooves, drill holes and spots not easily accessible.
  • In the area of heavy corrosion protection, e.g. in large steel structures (bridges and shipbuilding), large amount of readings are taken on site and evaluated later. Here these instruments often known as paint thickness gauge.
  • The robust heavy duty sensors are meant for use in environments prone to dust and moisture (construction sites, shipyards).
  • When in need of measuring thicker coatings such as fireproof coatings or special coatings in pipeline constructions, the F 15 sensors help measure up to 15 mm / 0.59″ of coating thickness on steel.
  • A special sensor is available for measurement on heavily abrasive surfaces with high surface roughness.
  • In quality control labs the devices can be connected by USB or Bluetooth to your PC for further processing of measurement data, for e.g. with the CAQ software QUIPSY.

Measurement Modes:

  • Single Mode: In the single mode up to 70 measuring values per minute can be recorded and saved.
  • Continuous Mode: In the continuous mode up to 20 coating thickness values are calculated per second. In this mode you can for e.g. determine the thinnest or thickest spot and then save the readings in a series of measurements.

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