Using Digital Technology To Enhance Gamma Radiography In NDT

Gamma radiography enhanced by digital technology

Gamma radiography is used in non destructive testing to inspect the inside of closed structures for flaws and defects if they are present. Gamma rays are produced by isotopes and are beamed through an object onto radiographic film. As gamma rays pass through an object, the object absorbs some of the radiation. The radiation that passes through the object entirely produces an image of the internal structure of the object which can be used to identify cracks, porosity, voids in weld interiors, inclusions and more.

The difference in the absorption of the material undergoing testing affects the amount of radiation received by the radiographic film strip. In other words, the absorption depends on the thickness and the density of the object being tested. Instances of cracking or porosity will appear as dark outlines on the final image whereas, in contrast, areas with low and high density will appear as dark and light areas, respectively.

Traditionally, gamma radiography has been very slow an expensive due to the time required to develop an image after testing has taken place. The time required to process an image is extensive and is compounded by the time it takes a professional analyst to interpret the images produced by gamma radiation during non destructive testing.

Gamma radiography in general requires very little surface preparation compared to other NDT techniques. This can increase the overall speed of gamma radiographic testing. Some allowances have also been made in the design of NDT Australia’s Sentinel 880 Delta Source Projector to improve efficiency on NDT job sites. The curved design of the removable jacket allows for easy placement on top of pipes and other curved structures that require gamma testing.

The fastest way to perform gamma radiography in non destructive testing is to combine a gamma radiographic projector with a portable digital radiographic system. NDT Australia’s NOVO Portable Digital Radiography Systems are compatible with our Sentinel Source Projectors and very much increase the speed of gamma radiographic testing on NDT jobs.

Our Portable Digital Radiography Systems operate wirelessly and allow engineers to generate immediate and high-quality images of the internal structures of objects which are displayed on a tablet. Images can be enhanced in real time to give clear indications regarding the location and severity of flaws and defects in any object. Processing, storing and sharing images of objects that have undergone non destructive testing is easy when engineers use a Portable Digital Radiography System.

Common applications of our technology include in oil and gas, aerospace, shipping, construction, munitions and railway sectors and in power line inspections.

If you are looking for gamma radiography non destructive testing equipment, check out NDT Australia’s online store. We supply a range of Sentinel Source Projectors and Portable Digital Radiography Systems that are designed to, when used in tandem, provide immediate, high-quality images of internal object structures. We are open for business Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm. Contact our friendly sales team on (02) 9524 0558 to ask any questions or to place an order for any of the products listed on our online store.