Thickness Testing of Fibreglass

DC-4000 UT Gauge

We frequently receive requests for a cost-effective ultrasonic gauge and probe combination that can reliably measure the thickness of fibreglass. Our UT specialist recently took up the challenge and has sourced a gauge that meets this criteria!
The DC-4000 Gauge can be set up to reliably and consistently measure gel coated fibre glass, when coupled with the D1025 Probe. We have tested this on samples from 3mm to 20mm and are delighted with the results.


  • 320 x 240 TFT colour screen
  • Pulse-echo and echo-echo mode (thru paint)
  • A scan and B scan display
  • Auto probe zero calibration
  • Auto probe identification
  • Adjustable settings for range, gain, delay, gate, blank and E-blank
  • Display resolution: 01 mm/0.001″
  • Range in steel: 65-400mm in pulse-echo mode, 3.00-25.0mm in echo-echo mode
  • Memory: 10,000 readings in 100 files
  • USB output