OpenVision DX-Digital X-Ray System For CUI

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Identify problem areas quickly, while minimizing remediation of Haz-Mat insulation, saving valuable time and resources.  OpenVision DX is also utilized to quickly locate and map weld crown location, heat tracer lines and hangers under insulated pipes.  Scan miles with OpenVision versus mere feet accomplished by other NDT methods.

OVDX is lighter, more versatile and more durable than its predecessor, increasing inspection productivity in every way.  The lighter design makes OVDX deal for NDT companies using rope-access technicians to conduct CUI studies.  Improved image quality and software enhancements make OVDX the premier inspection tool in CUI inspection.  Features such as the newly enhanced intuitive operator interface make OVDX more accurate and efficient.


  • Intuitive Operator Interface.
  • 8 Hour Battery Life.
  • No Warm-up Time.
  • No Hanging Cables.
  • Wireless Video Monitor.
  • Improved Image Quality.
  • Hi-Resolution Video and Image Reporting.
  • Built-In Controller.
  • 24% Lighter.
  • Enhanced Safety Capabilities.

OpenVision DX can be used on various insulation and cladding combinations, including mineral wool and calcium silicate with galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum cladding up to 91 cm in total diameter.

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