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The JME 24″ X-ray Pipeline Crawler is specifically designed for non-destructive examinations of circumferential butt welds in tubular installations such as oil and gas transmission pipelines.

Product Description

The JME MAXI 24″ Pipeline Crawler is robust and suitable for use in a wide range of challenging environmental conditions.  It enables the operator to produce internal panoramic Single Wall Single Image (SWS) radiographs. This is a versatile system and will operate in pipelines down to 24″ (135 mm) and up to a maximum of 72″ in diameter.

The JME MAXI crawler is powered by high-efficiency rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries.  With JME’s 24″ MAXI crawler, JME have incorporated the ability to use the system in conjunction with a generator to top-up the batteries during operation.  The crawler can be commanded either using JME’s magnetic control system (Magnetope) or alternatively with a conventional isotope control system.  These systems can be used to control travel, park and exposure modes from outside the pipeline.

Safety and asset protection are always a consideration.  The JME MAXI  Crawler features anti-runaway circuitry along with optional audio/visual alarm unit.

JME’s entire pipeline crawler range is constructed using high quality material ensuring corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and an extended service life.  The systems feature a modular design allowing simple and easy maintenance in the field.  All electronic circuitry ultilise military specification components ensuring reliability in harsh environments.


Technical Specifications 
Pipeline Diameter Range: 24″to 72″ (58.42 to 182.88 cm).
Weight:  (Excluding X-Ray Generator): 385.81 lbs (175 kgs).
Length (Excluding X-Ray Generator): 1420 mm.
X-Ray tube output options: 160 kV, 200 kV CP, 300 kV, 300 kV CP.
Power source: Sealed lead acid 120 volt.
Battery Capacity: 24 Ah.
Travel speed: Up to 0.3m/second.
Motor rating: 2 x 185W continuous (2 x 0.25 HP).
Maximum Angle of Climb: ±45°.
Mean positioning accuracy: ± 5 mm.
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C.

 For further information please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au


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