Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment: The Importance of Proper Tools for the Job


Magnetic Particle (MP) inspection techniques are used in many industries. The purpose is to prevent failures or accidents that can result from defects or discontinuities.

Magnetic particle testing is essential in many vital industries such as:

  • Oil and petroleum
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Structural steel production

Why is magnetic particle inspection important?

The goal is to detect defects or discontinuities (e.g. cracks) at (or near) the surface of iron, steel, cobalt and other ferromagnetic materials. This Non Destructive Testing (NDT) testing method is often used for detecting surface or near-surface defects in ferrous machinery components, cranes, forklifts and other structural steel work.

What is the principle behind magnetic particle testing?

The method takes advantage of the disruption in the magnetic field which is caused by the defect. The process is relatively simple – the object to be tested is magnetised using an electromagnet or permanent magnet, then ferrous iron particles are applied to the surface being tested. Those iron particles will then be attracted to the disrupted magnetic field caused by the defect. This will become plainly visible and the defects will be clearly detected.

Visual inspection is critical here. That’s why professionals often use a White Background Lacquer to aid in visibility. It provides more contrast to the black magnetic particles subsequently applied.

How to choose the appropriate magnetic particle inspection equipment?

At NDT Equipment Sales, we can provide advice on the consumables and products used in magnetic particle inspection, ensuring that the right product is provided for any particular application. Contact us today with any queries on MP Testing and other non-destructive testing solutions.