Magnetic Particle Testing: 3 Common Questions from Manufacturers & Engineers

Magnetic particle testing or magnetic particle inspection is a method common in many industries such as aerospace, automotive and structural steel production. This inspection technique is for detecting defects and discontinuities on the surface of ferromagnetic materials.

As one of the most popular non-destructive testing (NDT) technique, many engineers and manufacturers choose this method for various applications. However, they have questions before they finally employ magnetic particle inspection. Here are a few of those questions:

1. Can it be done by an individual?

Magnetic particle inspection is a fairly simple and straightforward method. In fact, minimal training might just be required to perform the procedure.

In addition, the whole inspection (including the application of powder and visual inspection) can be done by one person. There are compact devices now available that can be easily operated. For instance, the Parker PM-50 is a portable and lightweight magnetic particle testing device. It’s ideal for one-man inspection.

2. What about the costs?

Because of the popularity of the method, the costs have been actually dropping through the years. The main reasons are economy of scale and the need for an inexpensive non-destructive testing method.

Even for applications that require fluorescent magnetic inspection, the whole set of tools and equipment is economical. For example, the Keiyu LM-100F White Light Meter is priced reasonably.

3. How to choose the right tools for the job?

Different applications require different sets of tools. In addition, minimal training should only be required to perform the operation accurately.

That’s why it’s recommended to send an enquiry about your particular application.

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