Emerging Trends in Non-destructive Testing

Drones and more data are driving the trends in non-destructive inspections. This is the result of the greater demand for faster inspections as well as better safety and accuracy.

Emerging trends in non-destructive testing

Let’s start with drones. They allow for faster inspections especially in difficult to access areas. For example, the Tritex NDT Multigauge 6500 is specifically designed to aid detection of high level corrosion in areas that are hard to access and reach. This has been useful in inspecting areas with no scaffolding and rope access. With NDT inspection devices connected with the drones, access becomes easier without sacrificing data and accuracy. This even allows wider coverage and additional data gathering for better analysis and interpretation.

Drones also improve worker safety because of the remote operation. Whether it’s inspecting and getting access to towers, tunnels, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks and other complex and potentially hazardous environments, the technician is kept safe while the important job is still getting done.

Aside from drones, another emerging trend is about more data. Because of more data collected (along with higher resolution imagery and even videos), this results in better accuracy as well as literally getting a picture of the equipment or component being inspected. Aside from fault detection, this also allows for faster reverse engineering which could be highly useful in manufacturing environments.

Having more data still requires professional interpretation though. That’s because we have to make sense of the high volumes of data we’re now having easy access to. Also, more data also means more opportunities to possibly take advantage of. However, this can only be accomplished if the personnel is highly trained and experienced.

Even with those modern technologies and emerging trends, expertise is still crucial in making sure the inspection is accurate and on point. It’s also crucial to select the appropriate testing method and right set of equipment for the job (including the compatibilities for maximum benefit). If you have questions regarding drones for NDT or how to collect more data in your inspection routines, you can contact us here at NDT Equipment Sales. Since 1992 we’ve been committed to quality and technical expertise when it comes to non-destructive testing methods and technologies.