A Vacuum Box Offers More Efficient Weld Testing


Indelicate handling of welding work can have a negative impact on your business’s productivity if a storage tank ruptures. One way to reduce the risk of damage to storage tanks is to use vacuum box testing to test welds for total adhesion. A single worker can employ a powerful seal to test for leaks. This will improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

A vacuum box is a water-tight roll-off container that is designed to create pneumatic suction against a weld. Vacuum boxes are used in combination with air pumps  to ensure welds have been made effectively.

Vacuum boxes are used to improve safety outcomes at hazardous sites such as nuclear power plants, ship building yards, aerospace labs and petrochemical environments. When an object must be sealed for shipping or transport, any welds in the contained can be tested by sucking air out of a pressurised area with a vacuum box. This ensures the unit is tight and ready for transport. The risk of leaks is absent assuming a successful vacuum box test. Testing with a vacuum box can be done on containers used to store hot liquids, dry materials, mixtures of wet and dry materials and sludge. You can ensure your fragile packages arrive unharmed by employing a vacuum box sold by NDT Equipment Sales.

NDT Equipment Sales supplies both flat bottom and corner vacuum boxes worldwide. Our vacuum boxes for sale are manufactured by TSP in the United States. They use a venturi system driven by compressed air to create a vacuum on top of any welds. The machines don’t use any moving parts, instead employing portable air compressors as a source of compressed air. This makes the devices’ applications very versatile.

Flat bottom vacuum boxes are used primarily for testing the bottom of storage tanks. Corner units are specifically designed for vacuum box testing of the inside corner of storage units; where the bottom meets the sidewall at 90 degrees. Both vacuum boxes include the hardware needed to begin testing immediately, assuming an air source is available. They are available in three sizes: 10”, 20” and 30” long boxes.

If you are in need of a safety mechanism to test welds for strength, contact NDT today to place an order for our vacuum boxes. We distribute worldwide and offer affordable prices for all our stock. Call NDT Equipment Sales today on (61-2) 9524-0558 to ask any questions or to place an order.