3 Benefits of Using Drones in Nondestructive Testing

The use of drones can help speed up inspections, improve safety and save on costs. However, we can only see those benefits if the drone is installed with the appropriate or optimal nondestructive inspection method.

Benefits of using drones in nondestructive testing

Drones can speed up inspections because they can quickly cover more ground. Whether it’s a long pipeline in the oil and gas industry, a huge storage tank or a high telecommunications tower and wind turbine positioned high above, drones can speed up the entire inspection. This faster inspection can also mean less downtime especially if the inspection requires shutting down facilities. In addition, it can also mean faster determination of defects and hence preventing costly repairs or catastrophic failures. For example, the Tritex NDT Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge is designed specifically to be mounted on a drone. Aside from quickly covering more ground, the equipment and drone also allow for real-time transmission of measurement data to a PC or laptop even if it’s 500 metres away. The result is faster inspection and quick interpretation of measurement data.

The use of drones can also improve worker safety because the drone (instead of the technician) will access the area. Often in inspections the area is dangerous or difficult to access (e.g. heights, cramped areas, surrounded by pipes and machinery, exposure to chemicals and other hazards). Using the drones instead can limit the risks and dangers to the technicians and other personnel.

Another benefit of using drones is saving on costs. Earlier we mentioned faster inspections (drones can quickly cover a lot more area and there’s real-time transmission for faster determination of defects and interpretation of data). In addition, the cost savings will be the result of less need for personnel, vehicles and other equipment to reach the remote areas. It can also help with reducing insurance costs because of the lower risks during the inspection.

Those are just some of the benefits of using drones in nondestructive testing. If you require more information, you can contact us here at NDT Equipment Sales. We can help you find a cost-effective solution appropriate to your application.