UV Light Meter: Important Applications and Features for Industries

A UV light meter measures the light output of UV lamps used in Non Destructive Testing (NDT), various  industrial processes and medical laboratories.

In the NDT field, UV Light Meters are measure the light output of the UV lamps used in fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, to ensure the lamps meet the specifications of the relevant codes.

Other industrial processes that need to measure UV Light output include:

  • UV sterilisation
  • Photo-chemical matching
  • Photo-resist exposure
  • Curing of coatings, adhesives and inks
  • Welding (monitoring blue light radiation hazards)

In the medical environment, laboratories often use UV light sterilisation in the fields of virology, DNA research, microbial genetics and more. It is very important to be able to measure the UV light output in these situations, so it is important to ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Specific features to look for:

Because of the importance and wide applications of ultraviolet light meters, professionals and companies are careful to choose which ones to use for their work. They often look for specific features to ensure they are getting the most value and accurate results. Some of these important features are:

1. LCD Display for easy readout:

The display should be clear and legible enough for users to understand no matter the testing settings.

2. Separate UV light probe:

When using light meters, it is important to orientate the meter towards the light source to provide an accurate result. Some UV Light meters have an external probe/receptor to enable the user to easily orientate the device towards the light source being measured (e.g. the Keiyu UV-100U Ultraviolet Light Meter used in the NDT Industries.)

3. Built-in low battery indicator:

There is nothing worse than having equipment issues in the middle of a critical inspection or procedure. A low battery indicator is an important feature that ensures battery power is not an issue!

UV light meter for various applications:

Those are just some of the features experienced professionals look for before purchasing an ultraviolet light meter. If you need assistance with purchasing a UV light meter or other non-destructive testing equipment, please contact us today.