Thermal Imaging Camera Android: 3 Applications & Advantages

Looking for a Thermal Imaging Camera Android? Thermal imaging started with the military. But now, it is a valuable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method for many industries such as:

  • Security and threat identification.
  • Farming.
  • Wildlife observation.
  • Construction.
  • Process monitoring.
  • Engineering design and development.

Because of its importance, compact and inexpensive thermal imaging camera and other equipment have been already developed. One such example is a camera that can be easily clipped onto an Android smartphone. Let’s explore its advantages:

1. Recording and sharing made easy:

The value of any monitoring equipment often lies with the ease of recording and sharing. If there are any concerns, the visual data can be easily viewed through the smartphone or when it’s sent to other platforms.

Smartphones are easy to use which makes recording and sharing much more convenient and intuitive. This is important for reporting urgent concerns and storing valuable data.

2. Low power consumption:

For many thermal imaging cameras compatible with smartphones, the power source comes from the smartphones themselves. This means you don’t require additional tools and equipment to operate the camera.

For example, in the OPGAL Therm-App Thermal Imaging Camera, you don’t need an external power source. It only requires less than 0.5 W (which comes from the smartphone). This low power consumption is important in field work where a reliable power source can’t be found.

3. Compatibility with different Android smartphones:

This is also important. Many companies and personnel have problems about the compatibility of their equipment. But with cameras being compatible to almost all recent Android phones, the compact thermal imaging equipment will be ready to use.

Thermal Imaging Camera Android:

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