Tank Floor Inspection Device: 5 Features to Look For

Different industries use a tank floor inspection device to identify and assess corrosion and pitting on the underside of the tank floor bottom. This is critical because the integrity of the tank often rests on the integrity of the floor.

How tank floor scanners work?

Many tank floor scanners take advantage of magnetic flux leakage (MFL). With this non-destructive testing (NDT) method, the steel is magnetised using a powerful magnet. Then, the magnetic field will “leak” from the steel in areas where there is corrosion or pitting.

The magnetic field leakage is then detected and analysed. This information will then be used to identify the damaged areas and estimate the severity of the damage on the tank floors.

5 important features of tank floor scanners:

Due to their importance, tank floor scanners should have specific features which will make them valuable in inspection of tank floor bottoms. These are:

  1. Precision and reliability.
  2. User-friendly software.
  3. Real-time display.
  4. Speed tracking.
  5. Lightweight build.

Precision and reliability are important in non-destructive testing. If the data gathered is accurate, the assessment will also be accurate. This results in the optimum repair strategy of the tank floors.

Having a user-friendly software will assist in easy operation and analysis of the data gathered. Aside from gathering accurate data, accurate interpretation of the data is also critical.

Real-time information is now critical especially in time-sensitive concerns and applications. The real-time display provided by the tank floor inspection devices is valuable in quickly locating the damaged areas.

Consistency is also important in tank floor scanning. This way, operators will know if they are scanning at the optimum speed range to ensure accuracy in data.

Lightweight tank floor scanners are now available, which makes it easy for operators to perform their job routinely.

Tank floor inspection device Australia:

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