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Introducing the VM 4100 with 50-micron resolution and 16-bit Logarithmic image acquisition (65,536 shades of gray).  The CR 4100 is the first industrial Computed Radiography (CR) solution designed specifically for the NDT service industry.


The unique design has a completely sealed optics unit ensuring no dirt or dust can be introduced during the scanning process.  With mobility in mind, VMI designed the CR 4100 to be lightweight and portable, bring high performance digital imaging to the harshest environments in field radiography.

Sealed Scanning Design:

  • No internal fan needed.
  • Dust cannot be introduced during scanning process.

Scan-head Optics Unit:

  • Cutting-Edge Dual Rail Drive.
  • Precise laser drive mechanism.
  • Only one moving part, for ease of operation and maintenance.

Superior Imaging phosphor (IP) Plate Protection:

  • No bending of the IP Plate while being read and erased.
  • Guaranteed to NEVER damage Imaging Plates.

Flatbed Scanning Configuration:

  • Allows for customized IP Plate sizes.
  • Scan multiple IP Plates at one time.


  • Pixel/Bit Depth:  65536/16 bit source file.
  • Pixel Pitch:  50µ – 200µ.
  • Throughput:  Over 60 images per hour – mixed plate sizes.
  • Scanning Area:  14″ x 17″ Scanning Area.
  • Weight:  79 lbs (35.9 kgs.)
  • Dimensions:  L36″ x D20″ x H7″.
  • Power Source:  100-240 V AC/2.5A max/47-63Hz.
  • Light Source/Sensor Laser:  Diode/PMT.
  • Interface: USB 2.0.
  • Scanning Process:  Single Flat Path, Dual Rail Action Drive System.
  • Feed Mechanism:  Fully Sealed, Fan-less, Protective Chassis.
  • Erase Method: Automatic LED.
  • Network:  DICOM/DICONDE Compliant.
  • Operating System:  Windows 7, 64-Bit.

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