Vidisco Guardian 12 Security DR X-Ray System

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A dust and waterproof system with Mil-spec and IP-67 ratings, Guardian was designed to meet the extreme conditions of security and military applications.

Guardian 12 is a 10″ x 12″ imaging area panel which is available in a variety of configurations such as rugged case, backpack, laptop or tablet, wired or wireless connections with a range of up to 1.5 km.

Guardian includes additional optional accessories and features, such as integration with robots, a Dual Energy Module, which differentiates between organic and inorganic materials; an external camera that can be mounted on top of the X-ray source, a slider solution for detection of large objects, and more.

Guardian 12 Technical Configurations*

Rugged Case (STD):

  • Casing:  Small rugged case.
  • Default Computer:  Standard laptop, touch screen (rugged laptop optional).
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  50 m cable on removable reel.


  • Casing:  Ergonomic backpack.
  • Default Computer:  Rugged laptop.
  • CDU to CAT Cables: 35 m cable on built-in reel.

Extreme Temperature:

  • Casing:  Rugged case or backpack.
  • Default Computer:  Rugged laptop.
  • CDU or CAT Cables:  35 m tactical cable on reel.
  • Remarks:  Extreme temperature resistance test: -20° to +50° Celsius.

Civilian Case:

  • Casing:  Civilian case.
  • Default Computer:  Standard laptop.
  • CDU to CAT Cables:  50 m cable on removable reel.


  • Casing:  Chaser case.
  • Remarks:  Additional imager to Guardian system only.

Guardian 12 Technical Specifications:


Specifications**  Guardian 12.

  • Imaging Area (mm):  254 x 317 mm (~10″ x 12″).
  • Imager Size:  355 (H) x 322 (W) x 17 (D) mm: (~14″ x 12″ x 0.6″).
  • Imager Weight:  2.7 kg (~6 lbs).
  • Dead Space:  8 mm from bottom border and 8 mm from right border.
  • Dynamic Range:  16 bit (65,536 grey levels).
  • Resolution:  ~3.5 lp/mm.
  • Pixel Pitch:  124 µm.
  • Robust, Field Design:  YES.
  • Battery Operation:  Two hot swap-able batteries for never-ending continuous operation.
  • Battery Power Level Indication:  LED Indicator.
  • Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:  YES.
  • Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:  YES.
  • Accessories:  MultiEye:  Supports multi-screen control through any mobile device:  XR-DE Plus:  Dual Energy Module for Organic/Inorganic Detection: High Power Wireless up to 1.5 km line of sight.
  • Software:  Advanced proprietary VEO software for security operators.

*All configurations (except Chaser) include:  Flat Guardian Panel (DDA), operating system, 3 m cable to imager, AC cables, X-ray cable (default: Golden), laptop, ComBox, VEO proprietary software, backup and definition thumb drives, imager holder, panel cover, user manuals and quick-start guide in English, 2 year warranty in English.  System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications.

** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

*** Alpha is available in additional imager to a compatible Vidisco system.

NB: The Guardian 12 portable X-ray system can be connected using cables or via a wireless communication.

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