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The FV-2010 Plus LED Film Viewer from LCNDT is a portable viewer suitable for fieldwork, and is capable of displaying 400 x 100 mm film, while weighing less than 4 kgs. It can operate for a continuous 12 hours at maximum luminance of 130,000 Cd/M2 (408,200 Lux), uniformity 0.95, diffusion factor: 0.95. The unit has an unlimited dimmer from 5-100%, and has a 2 year guarantee. It is equipped with both foot mode and hand mode.

  • Dimensions: 600 x 80 x 160mm.
  • Portable viewer ideal for fieldwork.
  • Lightweight: 4 kgs.
  • Up to 12 hours continuous operation.
  • Electronic Light mask.
  • Low noise: Fan with temperature depended.

What is electronic light mask?

Traditionally we use a series of metallic light masks which mount on the surface of film viewers. It can be inconvenient replacing light masks when you want to change the size of light. Energy waste is also a concern because it just masks the light where you do not need it when the entire light screen is still on. Electronic light mask is electronically controlled, the light screen is divided into 6 parts, you can turn on or off each part of the light screen by pressing one key.

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