Parker B300S Contour Probe
B300S Contour ProbeB300S Contour Probe


The B-300S Contour Probe is a lightweight Magnetic Inspection Yoke weighing just 3.4 kgs., designed to perform MPI inspections quickly and reliably.

Product Description

The B-300 Contour Probe is a lightweight Magnetic Inspection Yoke designed to perform magnetic particle inspections quickly and reliably. As with other Parker probes, the B-300S has fully adjustable legs allowing the strong AC field to be applied directly to the precise area to be inspected, regardless of part size or mass.  Units are CE compliant and have a one year repair/replacement guarantee.


  • Dimensions:  7.25″ H x 9.25″ L x 2.25 ” W.
  • Line Voltage Single Phase:  230 VAC. 50/60 Hz.
  • Line Current:  3 Amps.
  • Duty Cycle:  2 minutes on – 2 minutes off.
  • Weight:  3.4 kg.
  • Construction:  Polyurethane-filled glass/nylon housing, 3m power cord.

B-300 Y-300 Yoke Light:  The yoke light is available for the Contour Probe at an additional cost.

DC-300 Optional Pulsed DC Power Supply:  The DC-300 contains an electronic circuit board assembly completely sealed within the housing.  The AC Probe should be connected to the output power cord, while the input plug of the power supply should be connected to a grounded power source.

For further information please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au


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