Magnaflux UT-X Couplant Powder

Parker B300S MPI Yoke


UT-X® Powder is a cost-effective couplant powder for flaw detection and thickness gauging applications where ferrous corrosion inhibition is required.

UT-X® Powder retains viscosity on salt caked boiler tubes, corroded pipe, structural steel, steel billets, welds and ship plates. Mixed with water at the inspection site, its compact and lightweight packets are easy to transport to a job site or to store as an emergency couplant for unanticipated shortages.


  • Salt resistant.
  • Environmentally benign formula.
  • Fast, lump-free mixing.
  • Concentrated to reduce shipping cost and storage space.
  • No dyes, fragrance or glycerin.
  • Low skin irritation potential.
  • Short-term corrosion protection.
  • Economical option.

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