Testia Cladtool

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Testia Clad Tool NDT technique, is a measurement of remaining cladding thickness by high frequency eddy current testing after blending out.


  • GO/ NO GO device.
  • Thickness fuselage range : 1.3 mm to 5.3 mm.
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy.
  • Paint thickness: O μm < paint thickness < 350 μm thickness.
  • Applicable to all Airbus  programs.

Step by Step Simplified Interface:

  • Probe selection and automatic setup.
  • Automatic calibration and checking device on the reference block.
  • Automatic balancing of the device near the blend out.
  • Scanner:  to assess 100% surface coverage.

Automatic Detection:

  • Present or missing clad on the fuselage indicate by a simple LED:

-RED : No CLAD + Sound ALARM.
-GREEN : presence of CLAD.

  • Coupling monitoring with a LED and lift-off sound alarm.

CladTool Kit:

(Referenced in the NTM 51-10-30 Procedure):

  • Base:  “Smart UE1″” instrument.
  • Included Accessories:  2 probes (1 pencil + 1 flat), reference block (AI2024) with and without clad), scanning frame, 2 probe holders.

For further information, please email: ndt@ndt.com.au