The Prisma is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector offering the technician an extremely comprehensive tool for test and measurement, which can be upgraded to include TOFD and Phased Array capability.


Simple controls, superior performance, advanced features and a rugged enclosure deliver simplicity, capability and reliability to the technician’s finger tips.  Typical applications are broad but include Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.

Prisma UT:

The Prisma UT model is fully loaded, carrying all the basic and advanced features of the Sonatest flaw detector range.

Prisma UT offers damping control to either optimize near surface resolution or energy transmission.  The ability to capture screens is standard combined with automatic reporting capability which enables reports to be formatted with relative bespoke customer information such as logos etc.  The most popular flaw sizing techniques such as DAC, AVG/DGS, TGC and AWS are all on-board.  Thanks to the on-board B and C-Scan imaging capabilities, the Prisma UT enables field technicians to conduct dedicated corrosion and composite inspections, together with comprehensive on-site thickness profiling.

Prisma TOFD:

Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) has gained in popularity over the last decade and via the Prisma TOFD, Sonatest brings to the market a truly portable and powerful TOFD unit.

Knowing that TOFD inspection can be carried out on wall thickness as thin as 6 mm (¼”), the Prisma offers the best digitizing frequency of its category going up to 200MHz.  This means that high frequency transducers can be used, ensuring the most accurate flaw height sizing possible.

TOFD is a versatile technique; with two UT channels the Prisma permits the inspection of thick component in a single pass.  This is enhanced by the high voltage square wave pulsers delivering up to 450V, cutting the need for an external pre-amplifier.

Prisma TOFD offers the complete hardware configuration to deliver the best performance, but it would be incomplete without the on-board software features such as hyperbolic cursors, lateral wave straightening and lateral wave removal.

Prisma PA:

Ultrasonic Phased Array technology has become the established method for advanced NDT testing applications.  Phased Array techniques allow the user to cover a wider volume of inspection; such as being able to cover the complete span of a weld without the need to move or re-position the transducer.  This is possible due to phased array enabling beams to be electronically steered.  This technique results in comprehensive imaging of the results showing a quasi cross section of the inspected part.

With the Prisma PA the operator can switch easily and quickly between the UT and PA operating modes with a simple press of a button, no data or time is lost.  The Inspection Plan shows the operator in 2D and 3D where probes are positioned on the test part, simplifying the inspection set and providing an inspection reference for reporting.  All adjustments to focal laws are instantaneous.  Multiple sectorial scans, true top, side and end view extractions, together with C-Scans are all supported.

UTstudio+ Advanced Analysis Software:

UTstudio+ software application, which comes as part of the prisma package, is used to manage inspection configurations, perform data analysis and build precise reports.  Thanks to a comprehensive, right-click/drag and drop user interface, one can create new data sheets and customized views using additional gates, measurement tools or refined color palettes.  UTstudio+ helps to generate extended reports and much more  UTstudio+ manages the prisma phased array, TOFD and conventional ultrasonic technologies to accomplish amazing things and get the job done for a multitude of simple to advanced applications.

Xpair Remote Control Solution:

Xpair is a PC-based software application solution to manage data transfer and remote control of instruments in the field wherever a network connection is available.  Moreover, with the instrument Xpair Cloud software option, a user can access and remotely pilot the instrument of a colleague located 1000’s of km away using a mobile or wired internet connection.

  • Assist in real time technician in the field.
  • Take control of all the instrument functionalities.
  • Download data for in depth analysis in the office.
  • Upload specific setup files to the field technician.
  • Upload procedures (PDF) to the field technician.


Rewarded for its innovative design, the prisma is constructed to withstand the toughest of environments.  Water Resistant, Shock Proof, Extended Life, Subzero Hero, Dust Tight.

Please Note: The instrument does not need to be returned to Sonatest for an upgrade, eliminating any downtime.

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