Russell Bracelet Probe – Detection OF Corrosion Under Insulation


Bracelet Probe – Detection OF Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) or fireproofing (CUF) is one of the most pervasive and difficult issues to prevent and/or detect. Whether it’s insulation or fireproofing covering piping, pipelines, tanks or pressure vessels, the damage caused as a result of unseen corrosion can pose a major threat to your operations. Visual inspection involves insulation removal and re-installation: a very time consuming and expensive operation.
CUI and CUF inspections with Bracelet Probe can detect if corrosion is hidden and widespread.  Russell NDE’s Bracelet Probe is an effective, non-destructive inspection tool. Corrosion is rapidly detected in real time at speeds up to 5 meters/minute through insulation (up to 6.35cm/2.5” thick), fireproofing, and aluminum or stainless-steel jackets.
  • Scan at up to 5 meters per minute.
  • Horizontal and vertical pipes tanks or vessels.
  • Fireproofed sphere legs.
  • Fireproofed or insulated vessels and skirts, storage tanks and towers.
  • 10” wide scans cover the whole pipe in a few swaths.


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