Elektrophysik QuintSonic7 Coating Thickness Gauge

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Non-destructive measurement of:

  • Paint, lacquer, plastic, enamel and other insulating coatings applied on metal, wood, plastic, glass and ceramics.

Performance features:

  • Measurement of the total thickness as well as the individual layer thickness of a multi-layer system in only one operation. Up to 5 layers can be measured in one operation.
  • High accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Storage and documentation of measuring values.
  • Memory capacity: approx 25,000 readings in maximum 300 batches.
  • Coating thickness measurement from 10µm.
  • Capable of determining the exact layer thickness or GRP and CRP components.
  • A-scan image function on the graphic display without connecting to a PC.
  • Thin substrates can be measured through the coating.
  • Robust measuring gauges for use in the laboratory, in production and on site.
  • Limit setting with optical and acoustic warning when limits are exceeded.

Measuring principle:

  • Ultrasonic principle.

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