500B Gamma Alarm

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The 500B Gamma Alarm is a fully portable radiation alarm that is triggered automatically when the radiation level, due to the exposure of the source, reaches a pre-set level. This stand-alone alarm system has a rechargeable battery, therefore it can be located in the area of radiation exposure, without the need for connection to mains electricity.

Three clear warning indicators… The 500B Gamma Alarm features three different indicators. The green lamp indicates that the alarm is switched on, and that the radiation level is below the pre-set threshold. An audible alarm indicates that radiation exposure is about to take place. The red lamp indicates that radiation is present and exceeds the pre-set threshold.

The 500B Gamma-alarm has two switches to control the various functions:

  • On/Off switch – this controls whether or not the 500B Gamma-alarm is powered on.
  • Pre-warning push-button – This push button initiates the AUDIBLE alarm immediately prior to exposure in the GREEN “no radiation detected” state. The AUDIBLE alarm is automatically switched off when radiation is detected

The average continuous working time for a fully charged battery is 24 hours. To recharge simply connect to the power supply with the charging lead. An overnight charge is often sufficient to fully charge the battery. If the battery is flat the 500B Gamma-alarm can be operated directly from the power supply with the charging lead.


Detector: Halogen quenched GM Tube
Calibration: Caesium 137 standard
Audible Alarm: 95db(A) at 1 metre
Hazard Lamp: Xenon Red Flashing Lamp
Range: Gamma 100keV to 1.3MeV
Saturation Test: 400Sv/h, 40kR/r
Portable: Carrying strap
Safe Lamp: LED Green Lamp
Battery: 12v 3.4AH sealed lead acid
Weight: 3.2Kg
Dimensions: 235mm×110mm×245mm

For further information please email: ndt@ndt.com.au