Large-Standoff Large-Area Thermography


Originally developed for the US Navy, TWI’s Large-Standoff, Large-Area ThermographyTM (LASLATTM) offers a groundbreaking approach to inspection of large structures, operating at a large stand-off distance (up to 15 ft) to cover an area as large as 250 ft2. It automatically scans the entire inspection area, providing a subsurface map of defect indications that is easily interpreted by the operator. MOSAIQ® analysis tools provide measurement of flaw size and registration on the actual part. LASLATTM’s versatility allows a single mobile system to be used for inspections on multiple platforms without the need for a fixed gantry. Automated inspection routines eliminate manual positioning, providing repeatable inspections.
  • NDI Methodology: Pulsed Thermography
  • Non-contact, no gantry or creeper required.
  • Coverage Area: 11.2 ft x 8.4 ft @ 10 ft (3.41m x 2.56m @ 3m) standoff distance
  • Inspection Rate: 7 ft^2/min (2.1m)
  • Easily configured for multi-platform inspection
  • For fluid ingress, delamination, impact damage
  • Winner of the 2016 DoD Maintenance Innovation Challenge
  • Powered by MOSAIQ®
  • Virtuoso® for Advanced Material Analysis and Characterization
  • Optimized for SysCheckIRTM