The Acoustocam™ i600 from Imperium, Inc. is a breakthrough in ultrasound imaging for industrial non destructive testing and inspection that is substantially more understandable, usable and affordable.


Compared to conventional ultrasound technology, the Acoustocam™ i600 Ultrasonic Imaging Camera offers higher resolution, easier to interpret images and lower cost.

At the heart of the Acoustocam™ i600 is Imperium’s patented Digital Acoustic Video™, or DAV™ technology. No special training is required for DAV™ users to create unequalled clear real-time images of subsurface features. DAV™ powered devices are faster, safer, less expensive, and easier to operate than today’s options.

Powered by DAV™ technology, the Acoustocam i600 is basically a camcorder for ultrasound. The crisp, real time imagery that DAV™ generates, removes the uncertainty typically associated with conventional B-scan ultrasound.

Compared to current ultrasound technology, the Acoustocam™ i600 with DAV™ offers the following advantages:

  • Lower cost
  • Minimal operator training
  • Operator independence
  • Real time, C scan imaging
  • Speckle free, X-ray like image
  • Standard video output

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