Tritex NDT Multigauge 5600 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The Tritex NDT Multigauge 5600  is a simple, robust ultrasonic thickness gauge designed for most common thickness gauging applications.  The easy to use keypad allows operator interface whilst the bright LCD display can be used in all light conditions. The moulded soft rubber surround feels comfortable, looks good and provides extra protection against knocks and scrapes. All probes have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge at the same time as transmitting recognition data – the result is a perfectly matched probe and gauge for enhanced performance. Additionally, the Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) ensures only true measurements are displayed, even on the most heavily corroded metals.

How it works…

A transmitted ultrasound pulse travels through both the coating and the metal and reflects from the back wall. The returned echo then reverberates within the metal, with only a small portion of the echo travelling back through each time. The timing between the small echoes gives you the timing of the echoes within the metal, which relate to the metal thickness. The returned echoes don’t need to be consecutive as the gauge will interpret them automatically and calculate the thickness. A minimum of three echoes are checked each time. This is referred to as the Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS).


  • Ignores coatings using Multiple Echo.
  • Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS).
  • Large colour LCD displaying giving user information.
  • No zeroing required.
  • Single crystal soft faced probe protected by a membrane.
  • Easy calibration with menu driven buttons.
  • Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR).
  • Echo strength indicator.
  • 3 year warranty.


  • Sound Velocity Range: From 1000 m/s to 8000 m/s (0.0394 in/µs to 0.3150 in/µs.
  • Single Crystal Soft Faced Probe Options: 2.25 MHz, 3.5 MHz & 5 MHz.
  • Probe Measurement Range: 3-250 mm (0.120″ to 10″).
  • Probe Sizes: 13 mm (0.5″) & 19 mm (0.75″).
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm (0.05″) or 0.05 mm (0.002″).
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 mm (0.005”) or ± 0.05 mm (0.002”).
  • Display: Colour LCD.
  • Batteries:  3 x disposable AA alkaline batteries or rechargable NiMH/NiCD.
  • Battery Life: 20 hours continuous using alkaline batteries.
  • Gauge Dimensions: 147 mm x  90 mm x 28 mm.
  • Gauge weight:  325 grams (including batteries).
  • Environmental: Case rated to IP65. RoHS and WEEE compliant.
  • Operating temp: -10°C to +50°C.
  • Storage temp: -10°C to +60°C.

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