NDT Equipment Sales


The Flat Bottom Vacuum Boxes are manufactured to a high degree of quality in the USA, and use a venturi system driven by compressed air to create the vacuum. This method of operation is consistently reliable, as there are no moving parts. Furthermore, the venturi can operate effectively with as little as 4 cubic feet per minute of air flow, allowing portable air compressors to be used as a source of compressed air (if required). These units are used primarily for testing the bottom of storage tanks. Each box is shipped with the hardware to immediately begin testing when connected to an air source.

 Typical Standard Sizes are:


  • Outside Dimensions: L: 10” x W: 7 ½” x H: 1.5/8”
  • Viewing Area: L: 6.7/8” x W: 4 ½”


  • Outside Dimensions: L: 20” x W: 7 ½” x H: 1.5/8”
  • Viewing Area: L: 16. 7/8” x W: 4 ½”


  • Outside Dimensions: L: 30” x W: 7 ½” x H: 1.5/8”
  • Viewing Area: L: 26.7/8” x W: 4 ½”

Custom size boxes can be manufactured on request.

For further information please email: ndt@ndt.com.au