Leaking or tracking voltage can be serious at any specific temperature rise and special provisions should be taken to determine severity.  Load demands and the critical nature of particular components should also be considered while determining severity.


It is important to document all inspection routines for familiarization of all components inspected, as well as identity systems unable to be tested due to lack of electrical load or lack of access.  Using the CTRL UL101 Corona Detector provides an affordable, effective solution to reducing transmission loss and outages.


  • Predictive:  Early detection of corona discharge, tracking and arcing.
  • Accurate:  Detect problems when no heat is present, used with or without infrared.
  • Safety:  Inspect from great distances.  There is no need to open electrical panels.
  • Costs:  Ten to twenty times less than a corona camera.
  • Power Transmission:  Corona discharge is a major contributor to energy loss and also radio frequency interference.
  • Electrical Inspection:  Arcing – indication that a failure has occurred.   Tracking – detectable even when infrared cannot.
  • Leak Detection:  Find leaks from further away and pinpoint to exact source without the use  of a scissor lift.
  • Steam Leaks/Traps:  Detect leaks and operation from a safe distance.

PowerBeam 300:

The PowerBeam 300 accurately pinpoints source of ultrasound to within one degree from center and improves the sensitivity of the UL101.  The “PB300” was originally designed for the indication and location of corona discharge and arcing on medium/high voltage transformers.  The PB300’s ability to pinpoint ultrasound is very useful when finding compressed air/gas or steam leaks in pipes located on high ceilings.  There is no need to use a ladder or scissor lift.

If there are test points that are behind safety screens, the PB300 enables the operator to  listen and record data of bearings, gear boxes and other items at the safe distance.  The PowerBeam 300 extends the detection range of  the UL101 Receiver to 300 Feet.

Ultrasonic listening device

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