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PHOENIX has a 12.8 Mega-Pixel HD Camera with UV filter and is suitable for taking photos and videos of cracks. The intelligent operation system is Android 4.4 and the data can be transmitted via Built-in Wi-Fi or Micro-USB.  Changeable lens and filters are applicable for PHOENIX Pro for enhanced imaging. Two models are available: The PHOENIX PX-45C Standard and PHOENIX PX-45C Pro.

  • IP67 Protection:  Water and dust proof.  Durable under all conditions.
  • Multiple Charging:  Powered by both electrical mains and built-in batteries with power indications.

Optical & Electrical Performance:

Safe and Pure UV-A:

  • Safe and pure UV-A emissions with peak wavelength of 365-370 nm.  Negligible visible light to safeguard visual inspection.

Wide and Uniform Beam:

  • Wide coverage area and uniform beam with NO hot spots.

Certified to meet International Standards:

  • ASTM E1417, ASTM E1444, ASTM E709, ASTM E2297, and the latest ASTM E3022.  Also compliant with RRES 90061 Standards.

Optical and Engineering Specifications:


  • Model:  PX-45C (Standard Pro).
  • LED:  3 UV LEDs, 1 white light LED.
  • Excitation Irradiance: (347-382 nm):  Aviation Model – 4500uw/cm². General Model: 6000uw/cm².
  • Visible Light:  < 5 Lux.
  • Peak Wavelength:  365-370 nm.
  • Wavelength Drift (at elevated temperature):  ≤ 5 nm.

Emission Spectrum:

  • Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) ≤ 15 nm..
  • Longest Wavelength at Half Max (LWHM)  ≤ 377 nm.
  • ± Width at Half Maximum:  ≤ ± 8 nm.
  • Full width at 10% Maximum (FW 10%):   ≤ 25 nm.
  • ± Width at 10% Maximum:  ≤± 12 nm.

Minimum Beam Diameter:   170 mm (≥ 1,000 uW/cm² UV-A intensity).  250 mm (≥200 uW/cm²UV-A intensity).

Minimum Working Distances WD ≤ 13 cm.

Expected LED Lifespan:  50,000 hours.

Weight:  820 g (Standard) / 880 g (Pro).

Power Supply Type:  Battery and Mains.

Battery Type:  2* Rechargeable Lithium Battery (18650).

Electrical Mains:  AC 110-240V  50/60 Hz.

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