What is Non Destructive Testing and the Different Techniques?

Non-Destructive Testing or NDT refers to inspection techniques which are used in a wide variety of industries. As the name implies, the inspection is done without destroying the material or part under investigation. As a result, the parts, components, equipment or installations can be verified as meeting particular standards or codes of practice that govern the production and maintenance regimes for these items.

This is important in many manufacturing and fabrication applications and is often a requirement in areas such as structural steel fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and petrochemical plant production and maintenance.

Destructive testing on the other hand, relies on the testing of a representative sample which will be destroyed as part of the testing process.

What are the benefits of Non Destructive Testing?

Aside from keeping the parts intact and useful, here are the other benefits of NDT:

  • Ensure product reliability and quality.
  • Maintain a safe range of quality level.
  • Decrease production costs.
  • More control on manufacturing processes.
  • Prevention of failures and accidents in pipelines and machine components.

All of these are important to different industries, especially those that rely heavily on metals during assemblies and productions.

What are the non destructive testing techniques used widely by industries?

Researchers and engineers through the decades have already developed accurate and reliable NDT methods. These methods usually take advantage of the inherent properties of the materials and parts being tested. Some of these methods are:

The equipment used in NDT is often specialised and requires the user to be professionally trained in order to be correctly used.

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