NDT Testing of Concrete

NDT Testing of Concrete

Non destructive (NDT) testing of concrete is performed when the compressive strength and flexural and tensile strength of concrete must be obtained. NDT methods can also be used to detect corrosion problems, cracks and voids within concrete structures. While there are several NDT techniques that can be used to evaluate several properties of concrete, digital radiographic testing is by far the most reliable and the easiest to interpret.

As well as structural flaws, NDT testing of concrete can locate wire mesh, conduit direction, post-tensioned cables and embedded electrical ceiling boxes, pipes, drains, data cables and cooling and heating lines within concrete. This makes the process very useful when concrete drilling, cutting or coring needs to be performed at construction or civil sites. In this article we explain how the equipment works.

Digital Radiography Setup

NDT testing of concrete involves a setup consisting of three components. An X-Ray source or an industrial isotope is used to project radiation through the concrete structure being tested. An X-Ray detector is used to pick up the radiation and a tablet is used to display the final readout as an image.

The detector and source are placed on opposite sides of the concrete structure. They must be aligned using a gauss locator. The detector records radiation that passes through the structure according to its thickness and density. The thicker the structure, the less radiation will pass through. If there is a flaw in the material, more radiation will pass through that area.

When scanning has been completed, an image will be displayed on the tablet’s screen. Analysts can use the readout to identify flaws and internal structures located within the concrete. Whether the structure is solid or flawed can be determined according to the shade of grey displayed on the screen. Solid structures are displayed as light grey matter, whereas flaws or the presence of corrosion are displayed as dark spots.

It takes some training and knowledge of NDT applications to successfully perform NDT testing of concrete, but the method is reliable and provides a comprehensive picture of the internal structure of either concrete slabs or a representative segment.

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