NDT Radiography: Applications & Tools for Accurate Testing

NDT radiography is a critical non-destructive testing method used in the Petrochemical, Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Transport, Power Generation and other vital industries. Radiography traditionally uses radiographic film to record imaging results, however advances in digital technology have allowed access to accurate and real-time information.

How does NDT radiography work?

Non-destructive radiography utilises X-rays or gamma rays as the energy source. Their wavelengths and other properties (especially the ability to penetrate and exit through various materials) make these energy sources invaluable for non-destructive inspection.

Radiography enables operators to detect hidden flaws in a relatively short period of time, without impacting on the work surface. As a result, defects that could have catastrophic implications can be detected and rectified as part of scheduled maintenance and inspection regimes.

Applications of non-destructive radiography:

Industrial radiography is used in the inspection of new products and welds to ensure they meet the requirements of the relevant standards of construction. New pipelines (including bends and joints), storage containers and even insulated materials are routinely inspected using radiography.

Another common use for industrial radiography is the detection and measurement of internal flaws in existing plant. The early detection of internal flaws in pipelines and plant in the oil and gas sector, for example, is essential for maintaining production flow and for the prevention of  potentially disastrous hydrocarbon spills.

Detection of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), is another common application for radiography. Operators can pinpoint any defects without the costly and time consuming process of removing and replacing the insulation.

Aside from industrial applications, NDT radiography is also used in security. There are now devices available for inspecting suspicious packages and objects, which eliminates the need for dangerous intrusive or manual inspection methods.

Tools for non-destructive radiography testing:

Portability and real-time information are important to many industries. Portable radiography devices now allow inspection of hard-to-reach and remote areas. New digital real-time radiography systems information allow operators to quickly and easily detect and assess problem spots, which in turn enables engineers and managers to implement necessary and timely action.

There are a wide range of tools for X-ray and gamma inspection, including used ndt equipment for traditional film radiography or digital real-time radiography.

NDT radiography Australia:

The non-destructive radiography equipment that you require will depend on the application. Some applications require X-radiography, other situations will be more suited to Gamma inspection methods. NDT Equipment Sales can assist you in the selection of the proper equipment. Please contact us  to discuss your particular NDT needs.