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The all new WilnoLED film viewer has introduced LED technology to radiography. The efficiency of LED is much higher than of the former halogen lamps because they create only ‘cold’ light totally without heat radiation. The power input required to achieve the needed luminance of the viewing screens is substantially lower than for halogen lamp units. With only low heat to be removed, the fan on the Wilnos LED film viewer is now whisper quiet.

An essential advantage of the LED’s is their extremely long life.  With an expected life of more than 40,000 hours, a viewer’s light source should last around 20 years if operated 40 hours per week.

An additional benefit of the WilnoLED is reduced heating of the viewing room.  This is an immense benefit during summertime in hot climates.  Testing of the WilnoLED has been extensive in heavy conditions with zero failures after more than one year of usage, prior to international release.

The WilnoLED is particularly suited for NDT education where the new viewers can be integrated harmonically into the pool of the older ones.  The very low heating of the valuable demonstration Radiographs allows a practically unlimited viewing time without any risk of demaging the films.


  • Luminance: Approximately 130,000 cd/sqm optical Density (diffuse optical density)  D= 4.1in accordance to EN 25580.
  • Viewing area:  8.5 x 22cm, with 2 additional masks.
  • Continuous brightness control: from 5 to 100%.
  • Switchable:  between permanent and foot switch mode. 
  • Adjustable basic brightness:  control during foot switch mode. 
  • Power cable and foot switch connected with plugs. 
  • Electrical data:  100 – 240 V, at 50-60 Hz, 170 W.
  • Housing size:  B 412, H 210 mm, T 173 mm.
  • Weight: 6.3 kg net.
  • Housing:  Powder Coating.

For further information please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au