Introducing StarrLinQ, the NDT industry’s first satellite based remote data transmission solution.  StarrLinQ can quickly move data from the acquisition site, including extremely remote regions, to internet accessible locations for simultaneous multiple review options.


The StarrLinQ line of transmitters are available in both vehicle mounted and man portable systems to meet a variety of inspection location needs.  One the data is available at the ground-based hub, VMI offers a wide range of solutions for routing, accessing, managing and storing data.  VMI has been proudly focused on providing digital imaging solutions in NDT for the past 23 years, and continues to break new ground by bringing the examination data to the customer from anywhere to anywhere, via fast and secure satellite transmission.

Easy to Use:

  • The StarrLinQ systems automatically deploy and acquire the satellite with one touch controls.  Direct the destination of data through a standard internet browser.  No complex IT skills required.

Built for toughest environments:

  • The StarrLinQ vehicle mounted series can handle rain and wind in a wide range of temperatures to keep the vehicle running in adverse conditions.

Maintain Full Control of Data:

  • The StarrLinQ system offers absolute control over data, from determining what the data can be used for, to how it is prioritized, to where delivery is required.


  • Throughput:  1 MBps – 20 MBps.
  • Dish Size:  75 – 1.2 meters.
  • Transmission Power:  8 – 65 W.
  • Deployment and Acquisition Time:  < 4 minutes.
  • Weight:  50 lbs – 150 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  L 67″ x 47″ x H 14.6″.
  • Power Source:  100 – 240 V AC.
  • Wind Tolerance:  Operational 38 mph / Deployed 60 mph.
  • Temperature Range (operational):  -37 – 131 F.
  • Transmission Band:  Ku and Ka.
  • DLocal Network:  Wired and Wireless Options.
  • Data Format:  Agnostic.

For further information, please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au