Imaging Plate (IP) technology has been in existence for many years.  Invented and patented in 1975 the flexible storage phosphor IP is similar to standard x-ray fluorescent screen in physical appearance.  It contains a phosphor layer of find-grained, barium fluorohalide crystals doped with a divalent europium (Eu2+).


When the storage phosphor IP is exposed to x-rays, electrons of the screen are excited to a higher energy level and are trapped in halide vacancies for form color centres.  Holes created by the missing valance electrons cause Eu2+ to become EU3+.  This latent image is stable for up to several days.

Boasting incredibly wide latitude, the imaging plates allow imaging objects in a single shot that have a large range of material thicknesses or material compositions.  This eliminates multiple loading and multiple exposures, saving time and money.  They are flexible enough to wrap around a 1-inch diameter pipe making them the most flexible IP available today.  With all of the benefits these plates offer, it is easy to see why they are the standard in the industry.

Continuous improvement is the goal of the VMI team that works on IP development.  Multiple improvements specifically tailored for the industrial market place insures that these plates are durable, flexible and reduce exposure times.  Available in multiple sizes, they can be shot in flexible cassettes, with or without leads, rigid cassettes when required and processed without the cumbersome carrier cassette required by other systems.  These screens will deliver long life, excellent image quality and the performance required to improve the bottom line.


  • Wide Latitude
  • Eliminates Multiple Loading and Exposures
  • Flexible
  • Images in a Single Shot

Imaging Plate Specifications:

  • Phosphor:  BaFBr: Eu²+ Barium Flurobromide.
  • Plate Sizes** (inches):  5 x 7, 4.5 x 10, 4.5 x 17, 8 x 10, 10 x 12, 7 x 17, 14 x 17, 14 x 51, 14 x 66.
  • Temperature Range:  -40° to +120°F.

** Screens of greater than 17 inches in length are available upon request.  ** Custom sizes available.

For further information, please email: ndt@ndt.com.au