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Introducing the first Computed Radiography system designed specifically for weld-quality radiographs, theVMI CR Switchblade . This new system packs VMI’s industry leading image resolution into an ultra-lightweight, compact, durable solution.

The CR SwitchBlade scanning process has been designed to have Imaging Phosphor (IP) Plates fed face down, allowing for the solution to be deployed in a direct light environment.  Utilizing an innovative magnetic track process, the SwitchBlade scans IP Plates without bending or manipulating the plates.  Finally making true portable Computed Radiography imaging a reality.

Logarithmic Image Acquisition Process:

  • Customizable Acquisition Settings.

Compact and Portable Design:

  • Allows for field transportation.

Magnetic IP Plate Scanning Process:

  • Magnetic Track Design.
  • IP Plate fed face down.
  • Supported feeding and retrieval trays.

Superior IP Plate Protection Flatbed Scanning Configuration:

  • No bending of the IP Plate while being read and erased.
  • Guaranteed to NEVER damage IP Plates.


  • Pixel/Bit Depth:  65536/16 bit source file.
  • Pixel Pitch:  50µ – 200µ.
  • Throughput:  60 plates IP hour (4.5 x 10).
  • IP Sizes:  5″ x 96″ Scanning Area.
  • Weight:  25 lbs (11.4 kgs).
  • Dimensions:  W13.2″ x D13″ x H8.4″.
  • Power Source:  100-240V AC/2.5A max/47-63 Hz.
  • Light Source/Sensor Laser:  Diode/PMT.
  • Interface:  USB 2.0
  • Scanning Process:  Single Flat Path, Magnetic Track.
  • Feed Mechanism:  Removable Feeding Tray.
  • Erase Method:  Automatic LED.
  • Network:  DICOM/DICONDE Compliant.
  • Operating System:  Windows 7, 64-Bit.


For further information, please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au