The VMI 5100MS-N is the leading computed radiography solution for the aerospace industry.  VMI’s system is universally accepted by the US Navy, US Air Force and all leading aerospace manufacturers to meet the strict demands specific to the NDE field.


Every 5100MS-N solution includes a custom VMI Control Panel Phantom developed to adhere to the ASTM E1647 specifications.  The 5100MS-N has state-of-the-art optics combining 25-micron resolution with 16-bit (65,536 shades of gray) logarithmic image acquisition.  The 5100MS-N produces the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the market, guaranteeing the sensitivity needed to detect the slightest defect.

Logarithmic Image Acquisition Process:

  • The highest Signal-to-Noise Ratio in the industry.
  • Customisable Acquisition Settings.

25 Micron Scanning:

  • High resolution image acquisition for fine detail.
  • Compliant to all major international codes and standards.

Flatbed Scanning Design:

  • Precise single action drive mechanism.
  • Only one moving part for ease of operation.

Includes VMI’s Control Panel Phantom:

  • NIST certified CR test panel.
  • Certified to adhere to the specifications of ASTM E1647.


  • Pixel/Bit Depth:  65536/16 bit source file.
  • Resolution:  15µ – 200µ and 101p/mm.
  • Throughput:  Over 60 images per hour – mixed IP Plate sizes.
  • Scanning Area:  14″ x 17″ Scanning Area.
  • Weight:  79 lbs (35.9 kgs).
  • Dimensions:  L 45″ x W 23″ x H 10″.
  • Power Source:  100-240V AC/2.5A max/47-63 Hz.
  • Light Source/Sensor Laser:  Diode/PMT.
  • Scanning Process:  Single Flat Path, Single Action Drive System.
  • Feed Mechanism:  Soft and Hard Cassette Capability:
  • Erase Method:  Automatic, LED.
  • Network:  DICOM/DICONDE Compliant.
  • Operating System:  Windows 7, 64-Bit.
  • Conformance:  ASTM E2446 IP S/50 or EN14784-1 IP 1/50.

For further information, please email:  ndt@ndt.com.au