With the physical size of only 195 mm x 125 mm x 35 mm (7.67″ x 4.92″ x 1.37″, not including the handle), and a weight of approximately 1.5 kg (~3.3 lbs), this super mobile imager provides the smallest and lightest solution.  Despite its small dimensions, the BoltX offers the best imaging resolution with the smallest pixel size in the Vidisco systems line – just 75 microns.


With its physical attributes and Vidisco’s plug and play principal, the BoltX is a popular choice as a chaser configuration addition to another complete system.  This option essentially provides the user with two imagers available for work, to be used based on the physical requirements of the set-up, necessary details level required in the image etc.. The BoltX is also available with WiFi options and a variety of accessories.

Simple to operate enhancement features include 800% zoom, Window Leveling, Adaptive Histogram, Stitching, Dual Energy Probe, Sharpening, First image restore option and more.

Comprehensive Database – X-ray image records include external images, automatic info, easy search and sharing, whilst keeping information safe in a special file format and on the operator’s laptop.


  • World leading quality portable X-ray system.
  • Field design for security needs – battery operated system, robust and reliable.
  • Easy setup and quick results – safely explore (Improvised Explosive Devices) (IEDs) in minimum time and risk.
  • Intuitive software interface designed for real-users.
  • Plug and Play with X Series systems & Xbit software, and compatible with X Series accessories.
  • Imaging from the edge on three sides.
  • Rugged design.

BoltX Technical Specifications:**

  • Imaging Area:  145 mm x 114 mm (~5.7″ x 4.5″).
  • Imaging Area Position:  6 mm from bottom and sides.
  • Imager Size:  195 mm (H) x 125 mm (W) x 35 mm (D) (~ 7.6″ x 4.9″ x 1.3″).
  • Imager Weight:  1.5 kg (~3.3 lbs).
  • Resolution:  6.6 lp/mm.
  • Dynamic Range:  14 bit (16,384 Grey levels).
  • Pixel Size:  75 µm.
  • Battery Operation:  Over 5 hours.
  • Optional Accessories:  XR-DE Plus:  Dual Energy Module for Organic/Inorganic Detection.  WiFiX:  Digital Wireless System:  connecting laptop to ICU/imager 300 m.  High Power WiFiX option:  up to 1500 m (~1 mile) line of sight.  WXR:  wireless X-ray – eliminates cable connection to X-ray.  Extension Cable:  Up to 200 m distance.  DC/AC Car Inverter:  for unlimited power supply from a vehicle – power down the line.  External Camera: for external color images and video.
  • Software:  Advanced proprietary Xbit software for security operators.

**All specifications are subject to changes.

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