Testia Smart U32 Phased Array Instrument

NDT Equipment Sales


Developed by AIRBUS Group Innovations, supported by TESTIA.

This ultrasound testing (UT) instrument is able to drive phased arrays and single crystal transducers. It is particularly suitable for the inspection of aeronautical components made from carbon fibre, reinforced plastics (CFRP) or aluminium alloys. It is both a flaw detector and a thickness gauge. Its main benefits are:

  • Compact and light.
  • Dedicated software modules for non-experts in UT.
  • Improved traceability and automatic report generation.
  • Designed for in-service applications with user friendly interfaces.
  • Desktop PC compatible application software for manufacturing.
  • Optional remote assistance & easy access to NDT procedures.

The Smart U32 Phased array instrument has 32-element arrays & single crystal transducers empowered by dedicated application modules.

 Examples of Dedicated Applications:

■ Flaw Detection in CFRP components with A-scan.
■ Flaw Detection in CFRP components with C-scans.
■ ‘Go / Non Go’ Flaw Detection around Drilled Holes in CFRP.
■ Corrosion detection.
■ Thickness Measurements.
■ Crack Detection with HF EC in Metallic components.
■ Lack of Cladding with HF EC in Metallic components.
■ Crack detection in Airframe Holes.
■ Electrical Conductivity Measurements.
■ Disbonding Detection with Resonant probes.
■ Automatic scanning machine for CFRP profiles.

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