Testia D-lam Tool Kit For Delamination Detection

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The D-lamTool aims to detect delamination after impact on multilayered components made of Carbon or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic.

The Kit was initially developed by Airbus to facilitate the maintenance operations of composite aircraft produced by the group.

The D-lam Tool Kit includes the most compact industrial Phased Array ultrasonic instrument (only 600g).  It can be operated by non-certified operators, thanks to “traffic-light-Go-NoGo” automatic diagnosis and acoustic coupling monitoring.

The Tool Kit is not influenced by thickness changes in the structures.

D-lam Tool Kit includes:

  • Analyser Device.
  • Reference Block.
  • Power Supply.
  • Spare Battery.
  • Water Spray.


Testia D-Lam Tool

Testia Go-No Go range of tools


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