Phoenix ISL Duo Robust TOFD Scanner

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The Duo Scanner, manufactured by Phoenix ISL, United Kingdom, is a robust, ergonomic scanning frame with operator friendly features offering fast setup and reliable, repeatable TOFD inspections of pipe welds, from 2″ OD up to flat plate.

Designed to incorporate the most popular features of existing Phoenix TOFD scanners, Duo combines the benefits of simple, tool-less probe installation and adjustment with a sturdy frame, complete with handles which ensure ease of operation and movement around pipes.

The Duo frame is also available without wheels for a low-cost hand-held scanning solution.

Economical, yet packed full of features, Duo is a robust operator-friendly TOFD scanner for reliable on-site pipe weld inspections.  Engineered from durable, light-weight aluminium, Duo is suited to all on-site conditions, providing long term repeatability.

Wedges snap in and out of the Duo scanner frame without the need to unscrew any parts.  Probe separation is quick and simple to adjust with a graduated scale which allows accurate positioning whilst maintaining probe alignment.  Equipped with three strong magnetic wheels that provide adhesion and accurate tracking, the scanner also incorporates tool-free adjustments for varying pipe sizes and a brake for hand re-positioning, so it is ideal for rope access inspection.


  • Robust, ergonomic frame.
  • Handles for ease of use.
  • Three magnetic wheels for adhesion and accurate tracking.
  • A brake for hand repositioning.
  • Quick release wedges.
  • High-resolution waterproof wheel encoder.
  • Graduated scale provides accurate probe positioning whilst maintaining alignment.
  • Lightweight: 1.25 kilograms.
  • Compact design: 240 x 180 x 80 mm (with wheels).
  • Range: 2”OD up to flat.

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