Parker B300MRS Electromagnetic Yoke


The Parker B300MRS Contour Probe is a robust high performance instrument designed for Magnetic Particle inspection to accepted Nondestructive testing standards.

This Electromagnet yoke is designed with flexible legs that allow the field to be “focused” at a precise area of inspection. The internal components are protected by a reinforced glass-filled nylon housing. The external push button switch magnetically activates the power circuit from the outside. There is no electrical contact between the switch and internal circuit. With an IP65 Rating this instrument is ideally suited for high moisture areas. This instrument also has an internal thermal cutoff that will shut down if overheated. The yoke will automatically reset when the temperature drops. 

Weight: 3.18 kg   Leg Span: 0 – 304.8 mm   Cord Length: 3.048 m   Duty Cycle: 50% (Approximately 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off)

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  • Field Testing
  • Spot Inspections
  • In-service Inspections
  • Demanding Environments
  • Welding Inspections

Standards Compliance:

  • IP65
  • ASME Section V, Article 7
  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • EN ISO 9934-3 (230V Only)

This unit is also available in a 115 VAC Version (B300MR) for offshore applications.

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