MFE HandScan – Hand Held Tank Scanner

MFE Enterprises, HandScan is a Hand Held Scanner which addresses the issue of scanning hard to reach areas.


The MFE HandScan unit addresses the issue of scanning hard to reach areas and the limitations of larger scanners ability to scan next to the weld.  Only 3.5″ wide and 4.5″ tall, this scanner will allow the operator to get closer to a complete inspection.

The wheels are in front and back allowing the sensor to be next to the weld.  It has the same popular Real Time Display that all the MFE Mark 2 scanners utilize.  It comes with an extended signal cable and a carrying case to allow maximum mobility.  It also comes with a complete handle assembly if handheld operation is not required.  The MFE HandScan is the lightest and most compact MFE scanner on the market.


  • Weight:   20 lbs.
  • Electronics & Handle:  18 lbs.
  • Total Weight:   38 lbs.
  • Weight in Shipping Case:   148 lbs.
  • Scanning Head Width:  3.5″.
  • Sensor to Plate Edge:   0.0″.
  • Real Time Display:   Yes.
  • Handle Assembly:   Yes.
  • Carrying Case:   Yes.
  • 12 V Battery:   Yes.
  • Signal Cable:   25 ft.

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