Lizard M8 NDE System

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The Lizard® M8 NDE system from LIZARD® NDE is an advanced electromagnetic defect detection and corrosion mapping system capable of providing Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), Classic Phase Plane Impedance and our exclusive Field Gradient Imaging data from a single scan pass. System variants are available for topside or subsea inspection, both using the same LISS software to ensure a common interface for all users. The M8 control unit is able to drive extended probe cables of up to 200m in length, for topside or topside to subsea applications. This ability enables the use of the topside Lizard® M8 system for ‘near surface’ or ‘air diving’ subsea inspection programs. For deep water applications the LIZARD® Dive system is available either for diver or ROV deployment.

The Lizard® system provides uncompromising performance in one low cost instrument. The ability of the LISS software to capture ACFM and Eddy Current data in a single pass enables the user to readily apply the Lizard Technology to a variety of applications with ease.

System Specifications:

  • Multi-Channel system compliant with EN1711, EN473 and ASTM E2261-07 inspection.
  • Lizard® Inspection and Analysis software (LISS).
  • Lizard® Eddy Current, Alternating Current Field Measurement, EMA (Electromagnetic Array) and FGI (Field Gradient Imaging) simultaneous acquisition display.
  • Defect sizing, display switchable between raw signal and defect depth modes.
  • Remote controlled operation for single user operation.
  • Fast digital sampling for rapid inspection rates and software filters for scan noise reduction.
  • Full inspection traceability with full data storage and retrieval.
  • Metal sorting capability.
  • Automatic probe gain set up.


  • Standard RS485 USB Communication Port allowing up to 500M distance between Lizard® M8 and laptop/PC.
  • Additional RS232 communication port for optional short distance connection.
  • Lizard® FGI, EMA and Alternating Current Field Measurement probe support via Lemo connector.
  • Classic Eddy Current probe Jaeger style connector (adaptors available for most third party Eddy Current probe types, alternative connector options available at point of order).
  • Scan Encoder input for marker, distance, remote control use.
  • Lizard® Probe extension ready up to 200 M, either for topside to topside or topside to subsea.


  • Easily sourced, rechargeable Smart battery pack for up to 10 hours use.
  • Easily sourced universal AC adaptor/charger unit for continuous use or charging of Smart batteries


The standard range of LIZARD® probe types are designed to suit most industrial applications and common weld geometry found within many engineering structures with most probe types available as either topside or subsea variants. Typically LIZARD® probe types are supplied as arrays with Absolute (Bx) and Current Perturbation (Bz) per channel. In this way the LIZARD® allows the user to obtain data sets from a single sweep that encompasses defect location, defect depth and length information, lift off/probe coupling and Classic impedance information from both Absolute (Bx) and Current Perturbation (Bz) components in a user friendly display.

The LIZARD® probes are generally housed in a hard anodised aluminium body housing with super hard encapsulate for coil protection. Due to the available ‘Lift Off’ properties of the LIZARD® probe types additional protection can be given to the probe face without compromising inspection integrity. Additionally this ‘Lift Off’ can also be utilised for inspection through non-conductive coatings (such as paint, epoxy coatings) or conductive coatings (such as flame sprayed aluminium, zinc).

Due to the unique process used by the Lizard® LISS software for defect measurement, encoder devices are not generally required and therefore structures still having grime, grease or other residual coatings, can easily be inspected without the usual concerns or cleanliness required for mechanical or optical encoders. Should the application require an encoder however the LIZARD® M8 system can provide support by simple connection to the Remote port.

Specialty Probes:

As is often the case in our industry, a need arises that cannot be adequately addressed with standard off the shelf NDT products. In these situations Lizard® has a proven track record of supplying custom built sensors, software and systems, to fit the need of the client quickly, to budget, and most importantly meet the application specification with a successful working end product. Some examples are:

  • Wind Farm securing bolts: Lizard custom probes were designed to be used in the wind farm industry for scanning 15 cm diameter securing bolts. 2 probes were created: Probe A is for vertical direction scanning and Probe B is for horizontal direction scans. These same style probes could be used on a large variety of cylindrical/tubular structures.
  • Rail: Probes were designed for the rail industry to scan for radial or tangential cracks on the surface area around 12 mm nominal holes. The holes could only be accessed from one side with limited access, requiring a compact automated probe assembly. The head of the probes were fitted with three expanding fingers that centralize and hold the probe in place, minimizing the size of the probe yet allowing the scan to be automated via a motor that is directly controlled by the host unit.
  • LPG Tanks: Lizard created an automated robotic system for the inspection of the inside of LPG Tanks. This enabled inspection through the epoxy layers applied to the inner tank surface.

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