Rohmann EloTest IS500 Eddy Current Test System

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The Elotest IS500 is the ultimate production line eddy current test system for crack detection and multi-frequency material testing.

The main feature of the new family of instruments is the fully digital signal processing chain with an extremely wide bandwidth starting from 10 kHz and with an ultra-fast multiplexing rate of  32 kHz (probe to probe).


  • Color TFT display, 800 x 480 pixel (WVGA), 229 mm (9,01”) diagonally, 16:9 format. Simultaneous display of up to 8 signals with a display rate of 250,000 signal dots per second for each channel (in real time).
  • Test Channel Module Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 12 MHz.
  • Driver output: +/- 10 Vs; max 300 mA.
  • Demodulated Signal Bandwidth: 10 kHz.
  • Fully digital signal processing, featuring a digitizing rate of 250 kHz with a resolution of 2 x 16 bit.
  • Pre-Amplification: 16.5 – 60 dB adjustable in 0.5 dB-increments.
  • Gain: 0 – 80 dB adjustable in 0.5 db-increments.  Additional 0 – 20 dB axis spread for the X and/or the Y-axis.
  • Signal Filter: HP/LP independently adjustable from 1 Hz to 10 kHz in 20 logarithmic steps per decade giving a total of 80 filter steps.
  • Phasing: 0 – 359.5° in 0.5°-increments.
  • Real Time Gates for Evaluation: 4 gates per channel; Selectable mode X, Y, Box, circle, flattened circle.
  • Connections for Standard Probes to the Test Channel Module: 26-pin HD-Sub-connector to connect all probe types (Note: no rotor power supply for hand-held rotors).
  • Input/Output Terminal Strip: 16 In, 24 Out,  22 counter inputs. Digital I/O opto-coupled 24 VDC via connector HD-SUB 2 x 50 pin.
  • Analog Output: Max. ±10 V amplitude.
  • Software options for Distance Compensation and Multiplex Operation are available.

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