Rohmann EloScan Aircraft Engine Eddy Current Inspection System

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The Eloscan Eddy Current Inspection System, from Rohmann, Germany, is an automatic scan-system for the eddy current based inspection of aircraft engine components. It has been designed mainly for the eddy-current inspection of rotationally symmetrical components of aircraft engines. Due to its very universal design the system is also able to scan complex geometries that require very precise probe guidance and a high repeating accuracy.

The Eloscan system meets and exceeds many of the technical requirements of the GEAE-specification (Technical Specification for Computer-Controlled Semi Automatic Eddy-Current Scanning System for Life Limited Parts Program, Specification: FST-Generic Eddy Current).

The following main components are integrated into the EloScan-system and make up a user-friendly total system:

  • Proven multi-axis industrial robot to precisely guide the probes.
  • Positioning turntable with level mounting plate (Ø 800 mm) for a steady rotating speed and precise positioning of the components that are to be inspected.
  • ScanAlyzer-software to record, display and evaluate the eddy-current signals.
  • IP54 cabinets with industrial-PC.

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