ElektroPhysik MiniTest 2500-4500 Series Coating Thickness Measuring Gauge

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Coating thickness gauge MiniTest 2500 – 4500

The MiniTest 2500-4500 series offers a large selection of sensors, different calibration methods and evaluation options for a wide range of tasks in the field of coating measurements.

The non-destructive measurement covers the following measuring range:

0 – 50 mm for non-magnetic coatings on steel
0 – 100 mm for insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals
Heat resistant probes for temperatures up to 250 °C and 350 °C
Pencil shaped probes to measure in tubes and pipes

All probes are equipped with wear resistant poles ensuring long life for use also on abrasive substrates.

Both models are equipped with a huge data memory for storage of up to 2 million measuring values either taken in direct mode (MiniTest 2500) or categorized in an APPLICATION-BATCH memory structure.

Data transfer to PC is carried out via a USB interface; MiniTest 4500 additionally offers Bluetooth connectivity.

Ergonomic design, a clear display, one-button operation and illuminated keypad and other useful features add up to a high customer value for the MiniTest 2500-4500 gauge family.

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